Youth in the Northern sector of the country calls for jobs.

Some section of the youth from the northern part of the country Tamale, have expressed their displeasure of the hardships they go through in earning money to support their education.

They lamented that their parents do not have enough money to support their education even though Senior High School education is free in the country. For that reason, they have to travelled all the way to Accra to work as head potters ‘kayayei’ to save money for some items such as books, pens, fees and many more school accessories before school reopenings.

They added that the jobs in Tamale do not fetch them enough money compared to jobs in Accra. Our reporters Abena Ahema and Nii Odoi Laryea Caught up with them in Accra and has come through with the following report.

working as a head potter ‘kayayei’, is very stressful because you have to wake up as early as 4:00 am and close around 6:00 pm to earn enough. It is very stressful and risky. And difficult for these children to have enough time to study their books.

These children carry heavy loads over their strength and that is a bigger challenge but don’t have any choice than to carry because they need to earn money for school. Sometimes after carrying the loads they are paid GH¢1.00 or GH¢2.00 .Costumers insult them as well for even putting on dirty clothes”.

They advised other teenagers who plan on traveling from other part of country especially the North to Accra to work as head potters ‘Kayayei’ to think twice because is not easy out there in the city as a head potter.
They are therefore calling on the Government to create more jobs for the youth in the northern sector of the country to put a stop to the youth who travel from a far distance to work in the city.
They also urge government to intensify the free senior high education to benefit all school going age Ghanaians to impact on the development of the country.
Credit: Nancy Koomson (Ghnewspapa)

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